IPO (Initial Public Offering)

Initial Public Offerings are one of the best rewarding investment options that provide an investor the opportunity to get into Primary Market investments, thus be a part of a Company and own a share in it.

Subscribing to equity capital of a company is like owning a stake in the company. Investing early in a good company gives an opportunity to reap the benefits of it in the long run.

IPO (primary market) investing is rewarding for both short term as well as long term investors.

IPO or Initial Public Offer presents good opportunities for netting high returns on your investments in a relatively short period of time - if you invest early. Get information on IPO news, Forthcoming IPOs and a lot more. You can call us and we will have our representative meet you or mail us at [email protected]

  • Pre-printed forms with applicant's details
  • Guidance for all new IPOs by experienced professionals
  • Distribution & Collection of forms up to 7pm
  • New Demat a/c opening with in 24 hrs for IPO investors
  • Facility to inform about allotment in Demat a/c through SMS
  • Facility of telephonic inquiry of Demat balance

For further details or information on open and forthcoming IPOs, please write to us at  [email protected] is the subject line reading 'Details on IPO Distribution' or contact our customer care team.

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