Raising debt for companies in special situations calls for special skills that are beyond understanding the normal market demand-supply scenario, assessing the needed capacity/asset build and forecasting cash flows. It's about identifying root-causes, analyzing specific issues and carrying out a prognostic study to rule out similar and possible future setbacks.

The deliverability and structure of debt is usually key to meeting that long term growth objectives. Our experience and market presence gives us intimate knowledge of the appropriate financing options.

VSICL provide an array of debt solutions to our clients to help them choose the best combination for their business mix. These debt solutions can either be fund-based or non-fund based instruments or a combination of both.

Most of the clients who approach us have a preset notion about which debt instrument they are looking for which may or may not be the best capital structuring deal for their firm. We go through their financial papers and then sit together with the management of the firm to understand their problems and requirements.

We are able to offer our clients value-added services in their debt - raising exercise.

We offer the following Debt Solution Services:-

  • Project debt syndication
  • Project Reports and CMA Data
  • Project Appraisal & Consultancy-Subsidy, Grants etc
  • Fund Mobilization from Banks, Financial Institutions & Others
  • Working Capital Loan, Term Loan, Non-Fund Based Limits
  • Takeover Loans from Other Banks
  • Techno economic Feasibility Study
  • Preparation of Detailed Project Report
  • Preparing & Making of Presentations at various levels
  • Advising on Debt Restructuring
  • Term Loan, WC & Project Finance Syndication
  • Project Finance Syndication on Turnkey basis
  • Documentation & Loan disbursal
  • Post sanction & disbursement services depending upon the client’s requirement

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