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We are currently looking for investors from all around the world that is interested in the coal industry. Our highly experienced management team currently has numerous opportunities in the coal industry. We have coal reserves for sale or lease(steam coal and coking coal), permitted coal reserves for sale or lease(steam coal and coking coal), operating coal mines for sale, coal washing facilities for sale, coal transportation company investing. Please contact us if you have any interest in this matter.

The International Energy Agency’s report says that We are Entering a Golden Age Of Gas. It makes the case that globally, demand and supply drivers are converging in a way that will make gas the most prominent energy source. It states that some of the global uncertainties afflicting the energy sector can be seen as opportunities for natural gas. Investing in natural gas is a trade that may take some patience, but will ultimately reward investors handsomely as increasing demand will begin to whittle away at excess supply. It would seem apparent that the negativity and lack of interest in this asset has been priced into the sector. It is hard to picture a bleaker outlook for natural gas than what is currently believed in the marketplace, and the downside from here is certainly limited.

That is why it makes perfect sense to invest in this asset right now. It takes a bit of contrarian thought to outperform the broader market, and natural gas is one of the few investments available that offers great value.

VSICL serves a broad range of clients in the oil and gas exploration and production, refining, utilities, mining and alternative fuels sectors.

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