The Value of a Good Business Broker… You have finally saved up the money and worked up the courage to fulfill your dream of business ownership. In proper form, you eagerly seek out all the “Business for Sale” websites you can find and hope to strike gold.

As you search, you learn about terms and concepts you’ve never heard before, make lists of likely candidates, visit with brokers, sign Confidentiality Agreements, and meet with eager owners ready to make a deal. But with each business, you find that there is always something holding you back.

Before long you become tired of the questions that aren’t answered by financials and business plan, the deals that seem too good to be true and the hours spent trying to find your dream business begin to wear you down. The search has officially become tedious and time-consuming.

Here is a list of the buy-side representation services we offer:

  • Working with you to develop a list of criteria for your search

  • Finding potential acquisitions that are a close match to your criteria

  • Maintaining your confidentiality while getting in contact with potential candidates

  • Screening potential candidates to make sure they are a worthwhile opportunity

  • Providing assistance with paperwork and contracts

  • Giving advice and assistance as you proceed with meetings and negotiations

  • Providing valuation services on your behalf

  • Assisting you in locating various forms of financing and a successful closing

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