An investment to the tune of USD 70 billion would be required in the road sector in next three years. The private sector participation is expected to be about USD 40 billion of which USD 10 billion is expected from the foreign investors hence Road sector is an emerging medium to make investment. We are already into some major projects and would like you to join hands with you.

VSICL is in the business of fund raising and development of infrastructure projects in the field of power, road and multilevel car parking and advisory in infrastructure related financial services.

In road sector,we have done following work.

1. Mass Rapid Transit system

2. Light Rail Transit system.

3. Expressways.

4. Intra-urban/semi-urban roads like ring roads/urban by passes/flyovers.

5. Bus and truck terminals.

6. Subways.

7. Road dividers. [F. No. 205/170/99/ITA-II]

we offer technological support in various fields such as hydro power generation, renewable energy and clean water technology.

The government has included bus and truck terminals/stops and other amenities for the road sector in its definition of infrastructure as part of its efforts to push reforms forward in the crucial sector. Accordingly, all investments in these areas will enjoy tax benefits under Section 80-1(A).

Our company V S Infrastructure Capital Ltd is in the process of tying up with the US road consultant, Professional Transporta tion Partners LLC.

Arun Jain, director, V S Infrastructure points out The Central Board for Direct Taxes (CBDT) that the Investments in the truck and bus terminal and stops will give a good return. Just look at the population using the roads in this sector. Also 65 per cent of the freight is moved by the roads. And the growth rate of freight movement by roads is bound to go up since freight charges in rail is going up.


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